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"Weapon of Mass Distraction" was created as a tribute to military men worldwide.  Alessandra has  received several e-mails during the past years from  male servicemembers showing support and words of appreciation towards her modeling career.  It was a good idea to finally create something that would cater to them.
However, it is not a typical military themed calendar like others out there: It represents a sexy woman who has experienced  military life under all its aspects  and is not afraid to showcase the femininity she was given. 


Has been  available at the following Aafes stores:

Italy: Vicenza MX, Aviano BookMark
Germany :Baumholder MX / BM, Spangdalhem PZ / BM, Schweinfurt Shoppette Ramstein Mega BookMark, Mannheim SC BookMark,Bamberg MX / BM, PHV Shoppette Hainerberg MX / BM,Vogelweh SC BookMark,Heidelberg Mega BookMark/ BM, 
Panzer Kaserne MS / BM , Graf Mega Mall BookMark,
 Bitburg MX / BM , Katterbach MX
Benelux : Schinnen BM ,Chievres BM
Iraq/ Afghanistan :Ali Al Salm
Al Udeid As Saliyah Al Dhafra Bishkek Bagram Shpt Kandahar Bagram Kabul KNB Connecticut Al Udeid Millenium Kalsu FOB Sharana Loyalty PX Kuwait LSA PX FOB Sykes Jalalabad FOB Hammer Tallil AB Adder Liberty North Mosul Tikrit Camp EnduranceBuehring Zone 2 Virginia Zone 2 Sather AB Balad West Bucca Camp Echo
Balad East Cedar II PX CPAVictory Camp Fallujah CSC Scania Al Asad Walnut Kirkuk
Rustamiyah Taji Iraq Junction City Taq A Dam TQ Camp Falcon Camp Slayer Freedom 1
Salerno PX Al Udeid Shoppette Camp Stricker Arifjan Zone 6 Balad east Shoppette
Kabul Compound Arifjan Zone 1
Turkey: Adana MX , U.K. : Lakenheath Shoppette Mildenhall Mega BM ,Guam: Andersen BM, Japan : Zama MS Misawa BM Yokota MS,  S. Korea : Camp Humphrey 
Osan MS Camp Walker MS Kunsan MS Yongsan MS Camp Casey, Okinawa : Camp Foster Kadena MS / BM

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