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Alessandra is an internationally published entrepreneur  born and raised in Verona, Northern Italy.

Some of her work includes print modeling for glamour/photography/motors  publications, car shows modeling, stock modeling, DTS supplements in Orlando, FL, swimsuit modeling including Skinzwear in Clearwater, FL. Convention modeling at the Orlando Orange County Convention Center where she was also a translator between Italian exhibitors and prospective clients.
 She  began modeling at childhood and  took it up more professionally around the age of sixteen . She was a track athlete during her high school years.   Alessandra has always been passionate about learning new languages and visiting new places. At twelve years old she was speaking and writing in fluent English. Because of her travels she worked extensively with people from several backgrounds.  Alessandra has entered the US upon finishing her studies in Italy,  on a student visa, (not by marriage, military or relationships) to broaden her studies and overall work  experience  internationally. She has lived in the United States for over a decade. She has maintained her Italian citizenship and is a US permanent resident.  She calls Central Florida her second home where she lived for the most part. Signed with two model agencies, she has had the chance to attend castings that lead her to meet former models Beverly Johnson in Houston ,Texas and Stephanie Seymour  in Saint Petersburg, FL at the HSN offices.
 Her studies include hotel management, tour operator, psychology , and international business achieved in Italy and abroad. She has taught Italian at the Instituto Pan Americano Linguistic Services in San Antonio,TX.
Among her skills: interior design, acting, singing, web design.
Many known and established photographers in the modeling industry have described her as a tremendous versatile model and a natural talent.
Among the most known  projects,  her 2009  lingerie glamour  calendar "weapon of mass distraction" dedicated to her military supporters worldwide. The calendar has generated lots of controversy and US  military newspaper Stars and Stripes featured the story several times making it among the top three  most popular stories in the publication and all time most popular in their blogs. forum reached nine hundred  threads in just a couple of days. Articles on Alessandra's calendar have been featured on Italian national newspapers such as  La Repubblica, Il Corriere della Sera,, Il Messaggero, L'Arena and  featured on Berlusconi's TV channel Italia 1 and RAI Italian TV .

There are currently almost one hundred blogs/web pages on the net  where you can read  about her calendar. She is currently a popular presence on Instagram  generating a platform of numerous followers , and caught the  interest of different companies ,that asked her to become  their influencer.
Be sure to check back often to read about Alessandra's latest news on her business endeavors.

Alessandra Bosco

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